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Why Isn’t My Shopify Store Showing Up On Google?

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Reasons: Why is Your Shopify Store Not Showing on Google?

There are some potential reasons why your Shopify store might not appear in Google search results. In this article, we will go over the most common causes and what you could do to fix them.

1. Your Store Is New And Google Hasn’t Indexed It Yet

If your store is the latest, it may take a little while for Google to find and index it. You can speed up the manner by filing your sitemap to Google through the Search Console.

2. You Have Not Added Enough Content Material

Google needs something to index to reveal your store in search results. If you haven’t added sufficient content for your store, there may be no longer a great deal for Google to index. Try including more products, blog posts, and pages for your store.

3. Your Web Page Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

Google now favours mobile-friendly websites in its search results. If your store isn’t always optimized for mobile, it is possible that you may not show up in search search results. Make sure to test your store on mobile devices and make it easy to navigate.

4. You Have Duplicate Content

If you have a few pages in your store with the same content material, Google may not recognize which one to show in search results. This also can occur when you have products that might be the same as the ones on other websites. Try to find particular and authentic content on your store to avoid this trouble.

5. You’re Using Meta Tags Incorrectly

Meta tags are used to tell Google what your shop is about. If you use them incorrectly, Google may not index your store properly. Make sure to use relevant and keyword-wealthy meta tags in your shop.

How To Make Sure Your Shopify Store Is Visible On Google?

If you are wondering why your Shopify store isn’t always showing up on Google, do not worry; you’re not alone. It’s a common problem that several various factors can cause.

The correct information is that there are some things you could do to ensure your shop is seen on Google. We’ll go over 3 of the most essential things you could do to enhance your shop’s visibility.

1. Use The Right Keywords

One of the most important things you can do to enhance your shop’s visibility on Google is to apply the correct key phrases. When potential clients look for products on Google, they use keywords. So, if you want your store to be exposed in the one’s search results, you need to ensure you are using the correct key phrases.

To discover the proper keywords, consider what potential customers could look for when searching out the products you sell. Then, use a keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner and Semrush to find keywords relevant to your products and feature many monthly searches.

Once you have a listing of keywords, ensure to use them for the throughput of your store, together with your product descriptions, product titles, and the textual content for your store’s homepage.

2. Optimize Your Store For Search Engine Marketing

In addition to using proper keywords, you also need to optimize your store for search engine marketing. SEO stands for search engine optimization, making your store as smooth as possible for Google to locate and index.

3. Submit Your Store to Google Search Console

The final thing you can do to improve your store’s visibility on Google is to submit it directly to Google. By submitting your store, you’re telling Google that you exist, and Google will index your store when they realize that everything with your store is under its Terms and Conditions.

How To Troubleshoot If Your Shopify Store Isn’t Showing Up On Google?

If you’re running a Shopify store, you must ensure it’s showing up on Google. After all, it is one of the great methods to get site visitors to your store.

Unfortunately, sometimes Shopify stores don’t appear on Google, even when they should. If this is happening to you, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue.

1. Check Your Site Map

One of the primary things you need to do is look at your sitemap. This file tells Google and other search engines what pages are on your website.

If your website sitemap is missing or outdated, it’s possible that Google isn’t always indexing your website nicely. To look at your website map, log into your Shopify admin, go to Domains, and test your sitemap. It appears like this:

2. Check Your Robots.Txt File

Another file that can impact whether or not your site shows up on Google is your robots.txt file. This file tells Google which pages your site should and shouldn’t index.

If your robots.Txt file is blocking Google from indexing your website, it is possible that your website might not show up in search results. To check your robots.Txt record, input your domain name with robots.Txt in the browser URL section. Like www.example.Com/robots.txt, and look at whether it permits or prevents Google from indexing your store.

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