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Why Aren’t My Products Showing Up On Shopify?

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Make Sure You Have A Shopify Account

If you’re thinking about why your products are not showing up on Shopify, there are a few potential reasons. First, make sure that you have a Shopify account. You can create one easily by going to the Shopify site and clicking the “Start your free trial” button.

Once you have a Shopify account, the next step is to attach it to your e-commerce platform. This is generally executed by going to the Shopify settings web page and entering your platform’s URL. Once you’ve accomplished that, your products should appear on your Shopify store.

If they do not, there are a few other potential reasons. For example, if you use a third-party platform like eBay or Amazon, ensure you’ve set up your Shopify store to sync with those systems. If you still have problems, contact Shopify’s customer service for help.

Check Your Product Listings

If you’re a Shopify service provider, you may have observed that your products are not showing on your store’s online listings. There are a few viable reasons for this:

1. Your Products Are Not Publish

If your products aren’t published, they’ll no longer seem for your store’s listings. To check the issue status of your products, go to the Products web page for your Shopify admin and look for the “Visibility” column.

2. Your Products Are Not In Any Collections

Products must be assigned to at least one collection to appear on your store’s online listings. To check which collections your products are in, go to the Products page on your Shopify admin and look for the “Collections” column.  

3. Your Products Are Not Mapped To The Correct Product Type

If your products aren’t mapped to the ideal product kind, they’ll no longer seem for your store’s listings. To look at the product type mapping on your products, visit the Products page on your Shopify admin and search for the “Product Type” column.

4. Your Shop Is In Maintenance Mode

If your shop is in maintenance mode, your products will not appear on your shop’s online listings.

Check your Shopify Plan

As we discussed above, there are a few reasons why your products won’t be showing in your Shopify store,, but another most common sense is that you’re on the wrong Shopify plan.

If you’re on the Basic Shopify plan, you could only have 2,500 products in your store. If you’ve got more than 2,500 products, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the other plans.

If you’re on the Shopify plan or higher, you could have many products in your shop. However, when you have more than 10,000 products, you will want to switch to the Advanced Shopify plan.

You Haven’t Properly Synced Your Inventory

If you’re selling products on Shopify, ensuring your inventory is nicely synced is vital. Otherwise, you can find that your products aren’t showing up in your shop.

There are some reasons why this might show up:

1. Your Shopify Account Isn’t Nicely Linked On Your Stock Source

Ensure you have efficiently linked your Shopify account to your inventory source.

2. Your Inventory Levels Aren’t Up To Date

If you have recently updated your stock levels, the changes may take some hours to show up for your Shopify store. In Shopify, the automated inventory sync performs periodically, so you need to wait until your inventory is updated.

3. You Have A Couple Of Inventory Sources Connected to your Shopify Account

If you’ve got more than one inventory resource connected to your Shopify account, it is possible that one of the resources isn’t always nicely synced.

Contact Shopify Support

If you’re even having problems after checking these potential reasons, contact Shopify’s help team for similar assistance.

Shopify is an effective e-commerce platform that offers entrepreneurs the tools they need to start and develop their business online. However, even the most nicely designed Shopify stores can run into troubles now and again.

One common issue that Shopify store owners face is that their merchandise is not displayed inside the Shopify admin. This can be a frustrating issue, as it could make it hard to control your store and make modifications to your product lineup.

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