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How to Tell What WordPress Theme a Site is Using?

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As a WordPress user, it is common to show an interest in exploring the themes used by other websites. This curiosity may stem from admiration of a site’s design or a need to resolve compatibility issues caused by an outdated or incompatible theme. However, identifying the WordPress theme of a site can pose a challenge, especially for individuals who lack experience in coding or web development.

In this article, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive guide on identifying the WordPress theme utilized by a website. We will present various methods that are reliable and eliminate guesswork or assumptions. These methods range from using the WP Directory and online tools to scrutinizing the source code and files of the website.

Use the WordPress Theme Detector Tool

If you are a website owner or developer seeking to identify the WordPress theme being used by a website, several methods are at your disposal. One of the most straightforward and user-friendly methods is to utilize a WordPress Theme Detector tool such as This tool requires no technical expertise or coding knowledge and is exceptionally user-friendly. To use the service, input the URL of the website you wish to analyze, and the tool will comb through the site and deliver detailed information regarding the theme being employed. This free tool can identify the theme’s name, version number, and author.

The detector tool will also provide you with a link to the theme’s preview and download page. Overall, using the WordPress Theme Detector tool is a convenient and efficient way to determine the theme a website is using.

Inspect the source code of the site.

Examining the source code of a website can be an efficient means of identifying the WordPress theme being utilized. It involves right-clicking on the website and selecting “View page source.” Doing so opens a new tab that displays the website’s source code. You should then peruse the code for any references to the theme, which typically appears as a stylesheet link. If you encounter a reference to a “wp-content/themes” folder, you have successfully located the theme being employed. While this approach effectively discovers the theme’s name, it may not provide details on any customizations made or the precise version used. Moreover, if the website utilizes a child theme, the parent theme might not be visible in the source code.

Look up the theme in the WordPress Theme Directory.

Various approaches are available to obtain information on the WordPress theme employed by a website. A straightforward technique is to investigate the WordPress theme directory. WordPress, an open-source platform, has a vast collection of themes available in its directory, which is openly accessible to all. Searching for the theme in the guide can promptly determine whether the site utilizes a free or premium theme.

To locate the theme being used by a website, it is recommended to visit the official website and navigate to the “Themes” section. This directory offers a vast selection of both free and premium themes to browse through. Utilize the search bar to enter the website’s name or a relevant keyword related to its industry. Once a matching theme has been located, all pertinent information about the theme can be viewed, including the author, rating, and feedback from other users.

Final Verdict

To summarize, determining the WordPress theme of a website can be accomplished with ease by utilizing various online resources and strategies explored in this article. Whether you are a developer seeking inspiration for a new project or simply curious about the theme employed by a preferred website, possessing the capability to discern what WordPress theme is being used is a valuable proficiency. With proper tools and expertise, you can recognize the theme and customize or replicate it for your website.

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