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How To Add Comment Box On Shopify Product?

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How To Add Comment Box On Shopify Product?

Adding a comment box to your Shopify product pages is a great way to get clients’ comments and learn more about their experience with your products. There are some special approaches to feature a comment box for your product pages, and in this blog post, we will guide you through each technique.

Use Shopify App

There are some exclusive apps that you can use, but we advise the use of the Product Reviews app. This app allows you to add a comment field to your product pages and accumulate client reviews and ratings.

Third-Party Commenting System

Disqus is a popular commenting system used on websites and blogs. To use Disqus in your Shopify store, you may need to create an account and follow their commands to feature the Disqus code on your product pages.

Manually Add A Comment Box

This approach requires a piece of extra technical knowledge. However, it’s not tough. You’ll need to edit your coding file with the comment box code.

Why Add A Comment Box On Shopify Product?

Adding a comment box to your Shopify product pages can be an outstanding manner to encourage purchaser remarks and interaction.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to take into account adding a comment field for your product pages:

1. Encourage Customer Remarks

A comment box can be an incredible way to encourage clients to go away with comments about your merchandise. These comments can improve your products and make your clients happier.

2. Increase Purchaser Interaction

Adding a comment field on your product pages also can help increase customer interaction. Customers can use the comment box to ask questions about the product or share their thoughts with customers.

Build Customer Relationships

By encouraging clients to interact with you and each other through the comment field, you could build stronger relationships with your clients. These relationships can cause increased customer loyalty and repeat orders.

Boost SEO

Adding a comment box on your product pages can also enhance your SEO. When customers leave comments on your pages, they can leave keyword-rich content that can assist your pages in ranking better in search results.

Advantages Of Including A Comment Box On Shopify Product

Adding a comment box to your Shopify product pages can be a super way to inspire customer remarks and interactivity. There are some benefits to adding a comment box to your product pages:

1. It can help you collect feedback from clients about your products.

2. It can help build an experience of network around your products.

3. It assists you in generating ideas for new products or improving current ones.

4. It helps you to troubleshoot problems along with your products

5. It permits you to track consumer satisfaction levels

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