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How Do I Know If I Have or .org?

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As a WordPress user, it is essential to differentiate between a and a site. This distinction significantly impacts website management, customization, functionality, and user experience. To determine which WordPress version you have, you must have a good grasp of your hosting options, technical expertise, and website objectives.

Regardless of your WordPress proficiency level, it is crucial to understand your site’s classification to navigate and optimize your website effectively. This article aims to provide clarity on the distinctions between and By understanding the differences between the two, readers can decide which version suits their personal or business requirements.

Review the URL of the website.

To distinguish between and, it is recommended that you first examine your website’s URL. If your website’s URL ends with “”, then you are using for your website. Conversely, if your website’s URL ends with your domain name, such as “.com”, “.org”, “.net”, etc., then you are likely utilizing

It is important to remember that these two platforms have their own features and limitations despite some similarities. By analyzing your website’s URL, you can promptly determine if you have or and can then proceed with the necessary modifications or enhancements accordingly.

Check the type of login page.

To differentiate between and, it is crucial to ascertain the type of login page used., as a hosted platform, employs a standardized login page that bears the WordPress logo and branding. Conversely,, being self-hosted, provides customization options for the login page to suit the website’s branding and aesthetics.

If you are uncertain about the platform you are using, observing the login page to identify whether it belongs to or is advisable. Checking the login page type is one of the initial steps in determining your WordPress platform, providing valuable insights into your website’s structure and framework.

Look for a ”store” page

Another factor to consider when determining whether you have or is the presence of a “store” page. does not allow users to add eCommerce functionality to their website, so if you come across a “store” page, you likely have With, users can install plugins and create custom eCommerce solutions to sell products, services, or digital goods.

It is important to note that while provides more freedom and control over your website, it also requires more technical expertise in hosting, domain registration, and ongoing maintenance. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each platform carefully before making a decision.

Investigate website features

Another way to determine if you have or .org is by investigating the website features. comes with a set of features already installed, including hosting, a limited selection of themes, and plugins. If you cannot access these features, you likely have On the other hand, offers a more customizable experience, requiring users to install the software on their hosting accounts.

This rich platform provides users with a vast selection of themes and plugins and access to advanced customization options that allow for greater control over the website’s functionality and appearance.

Assess the options for customizing the website.

It is essential to evaluate the available choices for website customization to discern between and is a web-based platform that offers a restricted range of customization features. These include selecting from pre-designed templates, integrating widgets, and installing plugins from a pre-approved list. In contrast, is a no-cost and open-source software that provides users with complete customizability. This feature gives website owners full command over every aspect of their website. It permits the installation of any plugins, themes, or widgets without constraints.

Final Words

It is crucial to discern between and to comprehend the constraints and functionalities accessible for your website. Although both platforms have benefits, is often favoured by those seeking greater authority and adaptability over their website. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in this guide, you can effortlessly identify the platform you are utilizing and decide whether to continue with it or migrate to the other.

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