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Do I Need A Barcode To Sell On Shopify?

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As a commercial enterprise owner, you will wonder if you need a barcode to sell on Shopify. The answer is yes and no. While barcodes are not required, they may be used to streamline your inventory management and make it less difficult for customers to locate and purchase your products.

If you decide to use barcodes, you’ll want to buy a barcode scanner and create barcodes for every one of your products. You can then use the barcode scanner to test the barcodes when customers purchase your products. The scanner will automatically update your inventory stages so you’ll continually realize how much inventory you have handy.

While barcodes are not required, we endorse using them if you plan to sell physical products. Barcodes can save time and money by making it less difficult to track your inventory and satisfy your customers.

What is a barcode?

A barcode is an optical system-readable illustration of records regarding the object to which it’s attached. Barcodes track products in stores and automate various responsibilities such as checkout and inventory control.

There are many distinct types of barcodes. However, the most common is the Universal Product Code (UPC).

The UPC is a 12-digit code that uniquely identifies a product. The first six digits are the producer’s identity quantity, the next 5 digits are the product’s identity number, and the remaining digit is a take a look at digit.

Barcodes are scanned with special barcode scanners, which convert the optical records into electric signals that computers may examine.

Barcodes are a critical part of doing business in the twenty-first century. If you propose selling products in a physical shop, you’ll want to buy barcodes for each product. You can purchase barcodes from a lot of online retailers. Once you’ve got your barcodes, you may need to print them out and fix them on your products.

If you propose selling products online, you do not need to buy barcodes. Shopify will generate a unique barcode for every of your products. You can then use this barcode to track your stock in Shopify.

Do I Need A Barcode To Sell On Shopify?

If you are selling physical products to be able to be shipped to customers, then you will want to use a barcode so that your products can be tracked. You can generate or purchase your personal barcodes from a barcode provider.

If you are selling virtual products, then you, in all likelihood, don’t need a barcode. However, if you’re selling physical products to be bought in brick-and-mortar stores, you may want a barcode so that the product can be scanned at the point of sale.

Quick, whether or not you need a barcode to sell on Shopify relies upon the form of product you are selling and the way you plan to sell it.

How Do I Get a Barcode?

You must purchase barcodes from a reseller if you sell products in a physical store. These resellers normally have a minimum order amount, so it is critical to calculate how many barcodes you’ll need for all the products you plan to sell. You could generate barcodes for online shops without spending a dime on using a barcode generator like this one.

If you use Shopify’s barcode scanner to scan products into your inventory, you may want to add the barcodes to your products before you start watching them.

How lots does a barcode cost?

Barcodes are one of the maximum crucial gear for businesses these days. They provide a way to track stock, clients, and income. But how much does a barcode cost?

The answer to this query depends on a few factors, including the sort of barcode you want and the quantity you order. Below, we’ll outline the different varieties of barcodes and their common expenses.

1. Linear Barcodes

Linear barcodes are the most common kind of barcode. They encode information such as product numbers, UPCs, and ISBNs. Linear barcodes may be published on labels or products.

The price of linear barcodes depends on the quantity you order. For instance, 500 linear barcodes from online sellers valued at $39.99. For large orders, the value in keeping with the barcode decreases.

2. 2D Barcodes

2D barcodes are much less common than linear barcodes, but they’re becoming more famous as businesses search for approaches to encode more facts in a smaller area. 2D barcodes can encode statistics, website URLs, contact records, and QR codes.

The cost of 2D barcodes depends on the amount you order. For example, 500 2D barcodes from online sellers cost $74.99. For larger orders, the price decreases in keeping with the barcode.

3. Custom Barcodes

Custom barcodes are barcodes that are specifically designed for your business. They can include your organization’s brand, hues, and other custom elements. Custom barcodes can be used for advertising and marketing functions or encode unique data for your enterprise.

The cost of custom barcodes depends on the amount you order and the complexity of the design. For example, 500 custom barcodes from online stores priced at $249 or less.


1. How do I add a barcode to my product?

There are ways to feature a barcode on your product:

Use a Shopify app: Many barcode apps are available within the Shopify App Store.

Manually add a barcode: You can manually upload a barcode on your product using an online barcode generator.

2. What kinds of barcodes can I use?

There are two main kinds of barcodes:

UPC: A UPC (Universal Product Code) is a 12-digit barcode used in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

EAN: An EAN (International Article Number) is a 13-digit barcode utilized in Europe and other international locations.

3. How do I find my product’s barcode?

You can locate the barcode on the product packaging if you sell a physical product. You may find the barcode in the product document if you are selling a virtual product.

4. Can I use the same barcode for more than one product?

No, you can’t use the same barcode for multiple products. Each product ought to have its specific barcode.

5. Do I need a barcode for every product I sell?

No, you don’t need a barcode for every product you sell. It would be best to have a barcode in case you’re selling a physical product that needs to be scanned at the point of sale.

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